Where did all the blogrolls go? #reviveBlogrolls

Writing this makes me feel like a boomer. Working on this blog made me realize how much the self-publishing evolved over time. This is my first blog since 2018 and it seems like that since this time the “internet” moved more and more to apps and platforms where content creators don’t own their content anymore. And I realize that I am also part of this development. Creating this blog means that I want to change this. I want to give the web back to me. I want to own my content. And I want to enable others how to do this. That’s basically the goal of this blog; writing about technology.

Apparently I wrote something relevant about WordCamps I wanted to preserve here from 2018. And I imported my writings about Universum Tonal. In the sidebar you find stuff to navigate through the blog, links to my projects and something apparently outdated: a blogroll. Even Matthias wrote about this reviewing his blog journey.

So I want to introduce a hashtag #reviveBlogrolls

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